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Buses go around Yechon-gun to such places as Yongmun, Yongmunsa, Suhan, Nosa-ri, Ducheon, Sangri, Ha-ri, Kohang,Myeonbong,and Yongdu. A 6:20 a.m. bus goes to Dochon, in Danyang-gun, and there are buses every couple hours to Punggi in Youngju-shi. Eight buses daily go to Kohang, at the north end of sangri-myeon and just a few kms. from Punggi. South from Yecheon, buses go to Punggang and Jeomchon,some via Kuttae and Umang. Some go to villages to the west, including Kagye and Yucheon and Yonggung, a few go on to Jeomchon on this route. Buses go northeast to Kancheon and nearby villages.


The shijang is in the middle of town,going north from the bridge.

There's a Home-Mart downtown.

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*Cheongryongsa - Yecheon-gun, Gyeongsang buk-doEdit

*Hancheonsa - Yecheon-gun, Gyeongsang buk-doEdit

*Yongmunsa - Yechon-gun, Gyeongsang buk-doEdit



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Climb the hill in back of town - there's a trail along the summit ridge.


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