• Kimbab Joints aka 분식점. These are like the fastfood resturants of Korean food. They are super cheap and relatively fast. You can get take out and sometimes get delivery. If a place has the word 김밥 or 분식 on its sign, its probably one of these places. They usually serve don cass (돈가쓰, same as Japanese Tonkatsu - 豚カツ), mandu (만두), common soups and noodles. Prices generally range from 1000 to 5000 won, and no tips.
  • Fried Chicken Places They usually do one thing: chicken. No mashed potatoes, no side dishes. Just chicken and maybe some beer and soda. Prices range from:
  • Fish Places In Korean its called 회 and this will be on the sign somewhere. They serve all sorts of funky seafood, cooked, raw, and live.