• Teddy Bear Farm, See militarized teddy bears patrolling the DMZ, teddys in all sorts of roles. 2,000 won admission. Sez "Closed Tuesdays" but was open the Tuesday we were there - perhaps that doesn't apply to high season..... Nohak-dong, Sokcho-shi, Kangwon-do
P8020703 a bear

--Skookum 16:12, 8 Aug 2005 (UTC)

  • Penis Park (Haeshindang Kongwen)- big wood penii carved by Shamanist people are here. This is in Shinnam which is in Samcheok-shi, Kangwon-do, southward down the coast from the shinae.

  • Statue of an eggplant. Located 1 km. west of Pungyang, in Pungyang-myeon, Yecheon-gun, Kyeongsang buk-do. Its at the intersection of Highways 59 and 916, in a little park across from a gas station.
P7260535 eggplant for wiki

(Terrible news!? The eggplant itself seems to have disappeared. Let's hope they've just taken it down for repainting or cleaning - its base is still there but the vegetable has gone missing as of 12 October 2005....)

--Skookum 02:38, 12 Aug 2005 (UTC)

  • Pepper Guy. There's more than one big kochu in Goesan-gun (Chungcheong buk-do). This one is near the road leading up to the west entrance to Mungyeong SaeJae.

This building has a roof like a traditional Korean hat. It's located in the new park just below Jikjisa Temple in Daehang-myeon, Kimcheon.

--Skookum 14:53, 30 Nov 2005 (UTC)

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