End of the road at Soyang Dam

See Boats in Chuncheon for ferry schedules and information.

City buses 11, 12 and 12-1 go to the dam from Chuncheon. You can catch them near the intercity bus station - head north to the first stoplight, cross that street then go west a few meters to the first bus stop. They run a couple times an hour.

Here, on the way to the boat docks you'll find about 20 little eating places. Strangely they all sell the same things: Shellfish, twigim and corn. In summer you can buy bottled water for 1,000 won. One place did sell a few boiled sweet potatoes and another had some fried grasshoppers. If you prefer to eat anything else, then eat before you arrive. Or, there are about three places at the bus stop at Yanggu Pier with food - first place on the left serves an excellent potato pancake for 5,000 won.

There are public rest rooms on the hill before you drop down to the boat docks. Consider using these before going down, to save yourself a long climb back up.

--Skookum 16:24, 15 Aug 2005 (UTC)

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