The urban center of Sokcho is built around a lake. Downtown is along the Northwest shore of this lake. Western Sokcho is the California of Korea - modern, big buildings, spread out, unreliable bus service. Seorak Ipku has a tourist bureau, beach park, restaurants and bus stops. The Outer Seorak part of Seoraksan National Park is in Sokcho-shi. There's three accomodations areas up there along the road.


Getting thereEdit

By airEdit

The nearest airport is YangYang Airport, with only a daily flight from Busan operated by Korean Air.

By railEdit

No trains at all. Nearest railhead is at Gangneung - take bus from there.

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Municipal transitEdit

===Boat=== From downtown near the JoongAng Shijang take a raft over to Abai Village island. This costs 200 won for adults and 100 won for children. You pay at a booth on the Abai side. These interesting crafts are operated by two guys pulling on a cable with hooks.



Department StoresEdit

There's an E-Mart here somewhere.

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Real places to eatEdit

Abai Island has several restaurants serving the local specialty of Abai Sundae. The small plate goes for 10,000 won, medium 20,000 and large 30,000 won. A bit expensive for sundae but then its a unique kind - made with rice and onions and whatever. Comes with panchan and soup, etc...

The JoongAng Shijang (Central Market) has a section of sundae-guk restaurants.

Two Sundubu Villages are in Western Sokcho. There are many choices of establishments and they all serve sundubu.



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Strange attractionsEdit



Outdoor ActivitiesEdit


Seoraksan National Park, of course. There's also a beach park at Seoraksan Ipku.

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