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Soju (소주)is a notorious rice liquor sold all over the place in Korea. It mainly comes in little green bottles, but is also known to show up in little juice boxes and big plastic bottles that look like mineral water. At about 20% (40 proof) alcohol its not very strong, but at 1000 won in a convenience store and 3000 won at a bar, its a very cheap drunk.

In Seoul there are 2 main brands: Chamisul (참이슬) and San (산). San is the one with the picture of a mountain on the bottle. The Chamisul brand comes from two different distilleries, one in Kyeonggido(경기도) and the other in Chungbuk Cheongwon(충북 청원). The Kyeonggido soju is more bitter than its counterpart. You can find out which distillery produced a certain bottle of Chamisul by reading the far right edge of the front label. There are other brands of soju in different parts of Korea.