Fish and other sea creatures (Haemul)

  • Ggong-chi - mackerel pike. A small fish, available fresh or canned. One or two of these would be a serving. They are pretty tasty.
  • Kodongi - mackerel of various kinds - fresh mackerel is much better than the kind that comes in cans. Serve it baked or grilled or fried. There is a kind that is a specialty of Andong, gutted and seasoned - you can get this in frozen packages for around 4000 to 5000 won.
  • Meong-ge - sea squirt - this is a make-or-break item for you Koreaphiles. For those who haven't tried it, you'd never think that anything that tastes like this wouldn't be lethal, even at small doses. But many Koreans love it and buy it in markets throughout the country. I've had it a few times and am always surprised at the assault to my senses.
  • Myeolchi - anchovies, sold dried. Often served as panchan or used as a stock base.
  • Nakchi - octopus - served raw or cooked, large or small, inedibly chewy or nice and tender. Nakchi bokkum, fried octopus, is a common dish similar to the fried squid below.
  • Ojingeo - squid,larger than the "calimari" type. Ojingeo bokkum (fried squid) is a common way of serving this. Lots of pepper paste with onions and maybe other vegetables.
  • Okaeng-i Small snail-like freshwater shellfish. They are often found in haejang-guk. Their cooked flesh is green.

Seafood dishes

  • Haejangguk - many kinds. One of the most common is Kong-namul haejangguk, featuring bean sprouts and rehydrated dried pollack. Also there's Okaeng-i haejangguk, featuring small freshwater shellfish.
  • Maeuntang - Fish soup with lots of hot chile pepper.
  • Odeng - Fish cake, made from fish and wheat flour. A common ingredient in ddeokbokki, kimbap, and as a type of panchan.

--Skookum 09:18, 25 Aug 2005 (UTC)

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