Samseong-dong is split into two sections, simply labled one and two. These two districts are in the heart of southern Seoul, close in proximity to many famous Seoul gathering places. Samseong-dong houses the Convention and Exhibition (COEX) Center, inside of which is a large underground mall. The COEX draws crowds consistently because of it's large product variation, great resteraunts, IMAX theater, and indoor aquarium and zoo. Samseong-dong also houses the South Korean World Trade Center building, along with the POSCO building. The last of popular attractions in Samseong-dong is Bongeunsa, a temple across the street from the COEX center.

2010 World Cup Edit

In 2010, the streets in front of the COEX in Samseong-dong were used for support groups for the Korean national team in the world cup. Tens of thousands of supporters and spectators made their way into the street to watch the festivities, which included concerts and large big screens displaying the game.


World Cup Supporters

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