This is a place for us to list all the good (or bad but noteworthy) restaurants in Korea.

The best restaurant directory in English for Korea is KoreaBites

If you're traveling to Korea, check out:'s Lists for Restaurants in Seoul (i.e. Seoul's Oldest Restaurants , famous galbi restaurants , free refill bars /cafes , street food, etc.)

Chuncheon's Restaurants

Gumi's Korean Restaurants

Nonsan's Restaurants and Bars

Pusan's Restaurants

Seoul Restaurants

Suanbo's Korean Restaurants

Chain Restaurants

Types of Resturants in Korea There are a few distinct type of restaurants in Korea where you can walk in an expect certain things to be on the menu.

A Taste of Back Home There are a lot of foreign-owned chain restaurants in Korea, but some are hard to find. Here's a list of the more rare ones.

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