Pine trees (소나무)

City and County TreesEdit

The pine is the official tree for a number of cities and counties in Korea, including:

Historic PinesEdit

Chungcheong buk-do

Jeongpuin pine tree

  • Location: Sowon-ri
  • Status: Natural Monument No. 352
  • Age:
  • Traditions:


Seorak-dong pine tree

  • Location: Seorak-dong, Sokcho-shi
  • Status: Natural Monument No. 351
  • Age: 500 years old
  • Traditions: You'll live well if you pile up stones around the tree. (but will the tree??)

Gyeongsang buk-do

Eunmunsa Weeping Red Pine

  • Location: Eunmunsa temple, Cheongdo-gun
  • Status: Natural Monument No.180
  • Age: 400 years old
  • Size: 6 meters tall,2.9 meters around at chest height
  • Traditions:

Pyeonghaebeokson (平海碧松)

  • Location: Jondo-ri, Sanyang-myeon, Mungyeong-shi
  • Status: Natural Monument No. 425
  • Age: about 500 years old
  • Size: 10 meters tall, 2.6 meters around

Seoksongryong Pine'

  • Location: Gamcheong-myeon,Yecheon-gun
  • Status: Natural Monument No. 294
  • Age:
  • Size:
  • Traditions: This tree pays taxes on the land it is on.


A Black Pine

  • Location: Suyeong-gu, Busan-shi
  • Status:
  • Age:
  • Traditions:

Related termsEdit

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