Jongdo Island in the Ulamho Lake. This island has a lot of open space - only a bit at the southern end is wild (featuring large indeterminate beasts which crash loudly but invisibly through the thick undergrowth.) The rest is maintained if a little shaggy - it's a pleasant park to hang out in.

There are cabins for rent there. 50,000 won for a night will get you an ondol room with a kitchen and cooking gear, TV, fridge, hot water, A/C, fan, bedding, bathroom (shower, toilet, sink)

Rent bicycles on Jungdo. And there's a swimming pool area. Toilets are in sufficient supply, and there are picnic shelters. Food can be a bit of a problem on the island - there are two tiny shops that sell crackers and soda and such, and two restaurants that have only a few items on the menu. So bring your own edibles if you are particular in any way. A nice place to spend a few hours or days.

Access is by boat from Jongdo Mooring, cost is 4300 won, round-trip. Boats run every half hour from nine to six, but less often in other seasons, so check to be sure you don't get marooned. Or rent a cabin and don't worry about it....

--Skookum 15:51, 15 Aug 2005 (UTC)

Sculpture Park in the Southwest part of town. Lots of sculptures of the sort usually found in Korean parks, children hugging and such. Also the Ethiopian war memorial is here, a big spire. And there's a tourist bureau at the west end, just north of the memorial.

--Skookum 13:58, 3 Oct 2005 (UTC)

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