Nonsan's Restaurants= There are hundreds of small Korean restaurants serving typical foods such as kimbap and soups. They are scattered through-out the city, so that finding one is perhaps the easiest thing you can do in Nonsan.

Local SpecialtiesEdit

Fish and SeafoodEdit

  • Hwangsan Restaurant (yellow swellfish broth): 41-745-4836
  • Geumgang Restaurant (yellow swellfish broth): 41-745-5122
  • Dolsan Grill Restaurant (wi - eaten raw): 41-745-0706
  • Hansan Restaurant (wi - eaten raw): 41-745-0556
  • Sansu Pavilion Restaurant (catfish chowder): 41-741-3302,
  • Ttoksori Hot Chowder Restaurant (catfish chowder): 41-741-0927,
  • Shinpung Hot Chowder Restaurant (catfish chowder): 41-732-7754
  • Twin Hot Chowder Restaurant (catfish chowder): 41-742-1409
    • In addition, some of the general restaurants serving Korean-style food have a small selection of fish dishes. Shrimp or octopus in rice can be had at most of them, and deep-fried shrimp, scallops, etc. is common at hofs.
    • There are some excellent expensive restaurants around the near-by lake, seving various fish, including eel.


  • Chestnut Tree Garden (Chestnut jelly, fried chestnut dish and chestnut noodle): 41-732-7979
  • Ogol Chicken Restaurant (Boiled Ogol Chicken in water): 41-736-0707
    • A number of places serve, and some deliver, chicken. Most places deep-fry their chicken, but rotisseried chicken can also be had.

Fast Food and NoodlesEdit

Foreign FoodsEdit

There are at least two Italian-food restaurants (Da Sarang, Bellevue), two Indian restaurants specializing in tandoori chicken, two or more Japanese short-order restaurants, and at least three Korean-style Chinese short-order restaurants (one just off of Highway 23 south of 5-Points, one in campus-town). A number of places offer pizza, though at a much higher price than chicken or Korean foods generally run. There is also a fast-food restaurant near Konyang University serving hamburgers and brats.

Pub-style barsEdit

Nonsan has an abundance of "Hofs," including

  • Buzz, in Konyang University's campus-town.
  • Yes, Hof & Restaurant
  • Fox's Pub (Rest & Hof).

Most hofs offer a nice assortment of Korean and some other food, including fruit platters, seaweed soup, and deep-fried sea-food. Beer is pretty much limited to Hite and a couple of other brands not considered especially appealing by the locals.

Soju divesEdit

A number of tiny establishments lie cheek-by-jowl on the west side of the railroad right of way.

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