There's a step by step here.

After applying you will receive this notice:

가입신청을 해주셔서 감사합니다.

회원님은 현재 준회원 상태이십니다.�

본인 확인을 위한 서류첨부를 하지 않으신 회원님께서는 본인확인을 위한 서류사본 (국가의 신분증, 여권, 운전면허증, 외국인등록증 사본 중 1부)을 혹은 팩스(+82-2-421-1286)로 보내주시면 확인 후 가입승인메일을 보내드리겠습니다. (가입신청을 하신 후, 1주일 이내에 관련서류를 제출해 주셔야 승인이 가능합니다.)

승인을 받으시면, 싸이월드 정회원으로 서비스 이용이 가능합니다. 사이좋은 사람들 싸이월드

You will have to send a copy of either your national id card, passport, foreign drivers license or ARC Card through fax to the above phone number, after which it will be activated.

One person also claims that:

"All I did was put in my ARC# and I was good to go.."

Buying Dotori (도토리)Edit

Dotori (도토리):

Dotoris are acorns, virtual currency that can be used to buy songs, backgrounds, and other things for your home page. One dotori = 100 won. You can get dotori at any book store by buying a 문화상품권. Once you have one of those give your friend the number and he/she will get the dotoris and then send them to you, assuming you trust your friend. Buying the 문화상품권 itself can be done by anybody, but the service that processes these tickets into Cyworld 도토리s requires registration, which means that one needs a 주민등록번호.

Alternatively, you can buy dotoris using a foreign credit card -- you don't need a 주민등록번호 to do so, although this might have been the case in the past.

You can also buy dotoris, online, using your Korean bank account.

Cyworld tipsEdit

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