Modern Korean musicEdit

Korean pop music is by and large competitive; it is often criticized as being unoriginal and too controlled by major music labels; nevertheless, one can find impressive bands here and there.

Jaurim (자우림) and their singer Kim Yuna (김윤아) are one example. They sound somewhat like Faith No More though with a female vocalist.

Other impressive bands:

Huckleberry Fin - pop; Kim Soo-chul (김수철)- pop and sountracks; Crying Nut (크라잉넛) - refeshingly humourous punk; Cherry Filter - hard rock Garion - Hip Hop Keeproots - Hip Hop

Traditional Korean musicEdit

Korean traditional music or gugak (국악) is a rich and quite unique artform. There are various different forms and ensembles, including solo performers, chamber groups and large orchestras. There is even an improvised form called sanjo (산조) which has been compared to Indian classical music.

Common instruments include:

  • Kayageum (가야금) - a 12 string zither;
  • Geomungo (거문고) - a 6 string fretted zither;
  • Haegeum (해금) - a spike fiddle;
  • Daegeum (대금) - a large bamboo flute;
  • Piri (피리) - a small double reed instrument;
  • Janggu (장구) - an hourglass drum