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There are tons of Curse Words in Korea, with many histories of each things. Most of them comes from something that is about someone's disease, external appearance, or just pure hate. Here are some of the curse expressions and words in Korea. (Some of them are not used in all areas, and some of them are somewhat violent for some reasons, because there are curse words... duh!)

  1. 닥쳐.(dak-chuh) - it means, "Shut up!"
  2. 지랄하네(Ji-ral Ha-ne) - it means, "bullshit."
  3. 아, 좆같네(Ah, Jot-gat-ne) - it means, "Ah, feels fucked up."
  4. 병신아!(Byung-shin-a!) - it means, "You stupid asshole!"
  5. 씨발놈아!(Shi-bal-nom-a!) - it means, "You motherfucker!"
  6. 개새끼야!(Gae-se-ki-ya!) - it means, "You Son of a bitch!"
  7. 아, 씨발...(Ah, Shi-bal...) - it means, "Ah, fuck..."
  8. 씨발(Shi-bal) - it means, "Fuck"
  9. 아이씨 (Aishi) - it means "ah ~ shit"
  • 아가리 A-ga-ri(slang) : mouth
  • 닥처Dak-cho : "Shut up!"
  • 지랄Ji-ral : going nuts, bullshit, something screwed up
  • 좃Jot(slang, violent) : penis, dick
  • 병신Byung-shin : diseased body, asshole
  • 씨방 Shi-bang : comes from 'Ship-pal', which means, "to sell the bitch", or "to sex with whore". 'Ship-pal' is also used instead of 'Shi-bal'.
  • 개새끼Gae-se-ki : directly translated into "Son of a dog", but real meaning is "Son of a whore(or bitch)".
  • 놈nom(slang) : boy, man
  • 좆박았다! (Jot-pagata): It's fucked up!
  • 느금마 (ㅜnu-gum-ma): Your mom
  • Gravis : Most stupid person in the world

- additional words -

  • 년Nyon(slang) : woman, girl
  • 보지Boji(slang, violent) : pussy, cunt
  • 화냥뇬Hua-nyang-nyon(slang, violent.) : bitch, whore
  • 미친새끼Mi-chin-sae-ki(violent) : crazy bastard, crazy asshole
  • 씹Ssib(slang, violent) : fuck, sex
  • Ttae-Ssib(slang, violent) : orgy

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