There are tons of Curse Words in Korea, with many histories behind each one. Most of them come from something that is about someone's disease, external appearance, or just pure hate.

Here are some of the curse expressions and words in Korea. (Some of them are not used in all areas, and some of them are somewhat violent for some reasons.)

  1. 아가리 닥쳐.(A-ga-ri dak-chyo) - means, "Shut your mouth!"
  2. 지랄하네 ( Ji-lal-ha-ne) - it means, "bullshit."
  3. 아, 좆같네 (Ah, Jot-gat-ne) - it means, "Ah, it's fucked up."
  4. 병신아! (Byung-shin-a!) - it means, "You dumbass!"
  5. 씨발놈아! (Shi-bal-nom-a!) - it means, "You motherfucker!"
  6. 아, 씨발... (Ah, Shi-bal...) - it means, "Ah, shit..." Or "Ah, fuck...'
  7. 졸라, 존나 jol-la, jon-na (slang): fucking
  8. 아가리 A-ga-ri (slang): mouth
  9. 닥쳐! (Dak-cho): "Shut up!"
  10. 지랄 (Ji-ral): going nuts, bullshit, something screwd up
  11. 좃, 자지 Jot, Jaji(slang) : penis, dick
  12. 병신 (Byung-shin): Autism Patient (literal, not an insult), asshole (slang)
  13. 놈 Nom (slang) : 'boy' in insult
  14. 창녀 (Chang-nyeo) : slut, hoe, whore
  15. 보지 (Bo-ji) : Vagina, pussy (n.)
  16. 앰창 (am-chang) : motherfucker

- additional words -



  • 년 Nyon (slang): 'woman, girl' in insult
  • 화냥년 Hua-nyang-nyon (slang, violent.): bitch, whore
  • 미친새끼(미친년) Mi-chin-sae-ki(Mi-chin-nyon)(violent) : crazy bastard, crazy asshole

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