There are tons of Curse Words in Korea, with many histories behind each one. Most of them come from something that is about someone's disease, external appearance, or just pure hate.

Here are some of the curse expressions and words in Korea. (Some of them are not used in all areas, and some of them are somewhat violent for some reasons.)

  1. 아가리 닥쳐.(A-ga-ri dak-chyo) - means, "Shut your mouth!". A-ga-ri means mouth, but especially for animals. and dak-chyo means shut up. so if you tell them a-ga-ri dak-chyo, that means not just shut up. It also means "shut your mouth you animal".
  2. 지랄하네 ( Ji-lal-ha-ne) - it means, "bullshit.". Ji-lal means traditional word for stroke, or seizure. so it was mocking word for ill person around medieval age in korea, and later broadly accepted as a everyday, mild curse word.
  3. 아, 좆같네 (Ah, Jot-gat-ne) - it means, "Ah, it's fucked up.". It's literally means "this is such like a penis." and then figuratively speaking, It's fucked up.
  4. 병신아! (Byung-shin-a!) - it means, "You dumbass!". byung-shin means literally ill-body, especially severe ones like disabled limb, or cerebral palsy etc. suits very well with Ji-lal-ha-ne. If said together, It'll mean "retard played by it's own body".
  5. 씨발놈아! (Shi-bal-nom-a!) - it means, "You fucker!", shi-bal, which is most common curse word in Korea, have varied meanings. It can be shorten of "Jimmy-ship-hal-nom", which means "a man who would fuck with his own mother", or just "fucker", for does nothing meaningful, and only just playing his dick around.
  6. 아, 씨발... (Ah, Shi-bal...) - it means, "Ah, shit..." Or "Ah, fuck...', shi-bal is one of a few words in Korean that matches exactly with English word. shi-bal mean fuck. you can use it exactly how the word fuck can be used.
  7. 졸라, 존나 jol-la, jon-na (slang): roughly, "fucking". originally means "like man's penis comes out", but later It got Improvised It's meaning as slang word for "very". for example, "jol-la joa" means "I like It very much". or just "fucking good".
  8. 아가리 A-ga-ri (slang): mouth, especially for animals. similarly, Zoo-doong-I means also a mouth, but especially for object. like, mouth of the teapot. I'll be mean word if you use Zoo-doong-I to a person.
  9. 닥쳐! (Dak-cho): "Shut up!". literally. originated from a word that means close the door.
  10. 지랄 (Ji-ral): going nuts, bullshit, something screwd up. see number two.
  11. 좃, 자지 Jot, Jaji(slang) : penis, dick. like a word geh, which means dog, It usually used to put emphasis certain words. like "what a dick." becomes "what a fucking dick."
  12. 병신 (Byung-shin): Autism Patient (literal), asshole (slang), and IT IS insult to call an autistic person or somebody disabled or some people who have trouble to control one's body.
  13. 놈 Nom (slang) : calling 'boy' or 'man' in rude way.
  14. 창녀 (Chang-nyeo) : slut, hoe, whore
  15. 보지 (Bo-ji) : Vagina, pussy (n.)
  16. 앰창 (am-chang) : mama is a whore. not only means 'your' mother is a whore, but also means "If I wrong in this, my mother is a whore". for example, "realllyyyy???" "yo, I can swear it. am-chang." if you want specify the target, 니애미(ni-emi) which means yo mama (is a whore, bitch, w/e), would be correct way to deliver the insult.

- additional words -

  1. 아빠 (appa) : means daddy. not kinky way, just comfortable way of offspring call their father. but It's variations like 애비(eh-bi), 어비(er-bi) will be an insult because It's just rude and impolite way to call it.
  2. 엄마 (umma) : means mommy. same as above. but It's variations like 애미(emi), 어미(er-mi), It will be an insult.


  • 년 Nyon (slang): 'woman, girl' in insult
  • 화냥년 Hua-nyang-nyon (slang, violent.): bitch, whore. In medieval age of Korea, there was a time that young women in Korea "send" to mongol as a war compensations. many of 'em used as concubine, and house maiden, god-knows-what for their entire life. and even if they've somehow managed to return their home, villagers disrespected them by calling 화냥년(Hua-nyang-nyon), which came from mandarin word 還鄕女(return, hometown, women). even if nowadays, Koreans use these word to call slutty women or cheating bitch.
  • 미친새끼(미친년) Mi-chin-sae-ki(Mi-chin-nyon)(violent) : crazy bastard, crazy asshole. If you just say "미친Mi-chin", It can be exclamation like "holy shit!". literally means "crazy!" "Crazy..." "CRAZY".