Quotes from people using internet services at home in Korea:

KTF megapass lite. the bill is tied in with my landline and I think it comes to something like 36 or 38,000 a month. I wasn't sure about the megapass lite at first but it's way faster than either the cable or adsl I had in Canada and I usually get speeds comparable to my t1 connection I had in uni.

I recommend Hanaro. About 33,000. When I signed up for them last year they were offering a free gift to the value of 70,000. Nice... I picked a rice cooker.

28,000/mo. for ADSL + landline with Hanaro.

45 000 won / month Hanfos Cable

Very Fast ...

KT NTopia VDSL, 39,000/mo. 10 MB/s up and down. whee! Very Happy