Getting thereEdit

By trainEdit

The closest train station is in Chuncheon.

By busEdit

There is a centrally located bus station.

By carEdit

Municipal transitEdit



Public marketsEdit

There is a market located downtown.

Department StoresEdit

There are no large department stores. Chuncheon has an E-Mart located in the same building as the bus station.

Grocery StoresEdit

The largest grocery store is GS Supermarket, located downtown. You can get everything you need for a Western style breakfast.

Electronics StoresEdit

Convenience StoresEdit

Family Mart and By the Way have stores in Hongcheon.

Home and Garden StoresEdit

Book StoresEdit

There is a good Korean book store downtown. The closest English book store is in Chuncheon.

General StoresEdit

Dining and EntertainmentEdit

Snack-style barsEdit

Pub-style barsEdit

Fast Food and NoodlesEdit


Tourist bureausEdit


Auto ServiceEdit

Hair StylingEdit

Tailoring and Dry CleaningEdit

Veterinary ServicesEdit

Travel AgenciesEdit


Electrical ServiceEdit


Internet CoverageEdit

Mobile Phone CoverageEdit

Natural Gas ServiceEdit

Fuel Oil ServiceEdit

Liquid Propane ServiceEdit


Waste Separation RulesEdit

Garbage pickup is every morning about five o'clock. I know because I suffer from insomnia.

Local AttractionsEdit

Specialty Products and FestivalsEdit





There is a fitness center located upstairs from GS Supermarket. Never been there.

Outdoor ActivitiesEdit

The Hongcheon River, after which the town is named, runs through the town. In the summer time, people go boating and fishing. They also go swimming, despite a banner which reads 수용금지 (no swimming).


Mugunghwa Park, which is centrally located, has a big Children's Day festival every year on May 5. Outdoor concerts are held there also.

A stadium located outside of town is also the site for big festivals.

Every fall, during the harvest season, there is a big Corn Festival, also located outside of town.

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