• Bonjuk is on the main street just north of the train station. 451-6288. Take out and eat in. They specialize in juk, or rice porridge. There are many kinds, ranging in price from 5,000 won to 20,000 won. Bowls are huge, and come with panchan and a cold turnip soup (mul kimchi). Good if you want some tasty but not spicy food.
  • Geumosan shiktang is at the lower terminal of the cable car on Mt. Geumo. Recommended is their very tasty pindaedduk. Follow it with a cable-car ride or hike up the mountain.
  • Matsarang phone 453-9694. One of those rare finds, an ordinary-looking hole-in-the-wall place that serves really good food. Good panchan too, as well as the main dishes. I recommend their twenjang-cchigae (something real basic but they do it better than anyone else) or their sundubu cchigae. But everything I've had here is good. It's right across the street from the Gumi Tourist Hotel. ALAS, MATSARANG HAS NOW GONE OUT OF BUSINESS.

WAEGOOK COOK is a western restaurant known for it's exquisite international dishes at affordable prices and is a fun party place late evening and weekends (TEL: (054) 444 3775}or

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