The best way to go from city to city is by taking the KTX.

Here are the prices and times:

  • Seoul - Daejeon __ hours __ won
  • Seoul - Daegu __ hours __ won
  • Seoul - Busan __ hours __ won
  • Daejon - Daegu __ hours __ won
  • Daegu - Busan __ hours __ won

Another relatively efficient way to get from city to city is by bus. Generally, there are several types of buses - express, inter-city, limited, and local. Often, there is different bus terminals in cities catering for express or inter-city buses. The service is generally very reliable, frequent and efficient, particularly between large cities. Though, prepare for lengthy delays and long travel times on weekends and public holidays such Seollal or Chuseok.

Gwangju - Suncheon 1 - 1.5 hours 5800won

Donghae - Seoul 3 - 4 hours 19000won

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