Richmond Vale Academy

Todays world is powered by globalization, powerful political elites and economic interests. These are working with complete disregard to basic human needs, noble aspirations, and the importance of nature.

Since this is our world, we cannot escape it. Some choose to pretend it is not a problem by keeping busy with their own lives. They avoid seeing the consequences of todays world politics. They sit by as more than half of mankind lives in poverty. They choose not to take a stand for others who live among wars, hunger, illness and repression, without land, without resources, without work, without education, and without basic human rights!

The Fighting with the Poor- Program to Latin America will focus on helping those who cannot seem to help themselves. We will fight poverty shoulder-to-shoulder with the poor, empowering them every step of the way.

This 18-month program takes a courageous and futuristic view of the world. Participants will stare at present global problems right in the eye, trying to understand the forces and politics that are involved and acknowledge the global consequences. Participants will intensely study the problems and potential of our future world, using conventional narratives, creative means, personal experience, and reasoning. Participants will work toward a future for "We, the People", while battling big issues and trying to develop modern, lively, inclusive, sustainable solutions. These solutions will give us hope for a future that we can be proud of.

Fighting with the Poor- Program to Latin America participants will study, investigate, travel, and fight shoulder-to-shoulder with poor people to end poverty! They will contact and befriend people from poverty-stricken areas to understand and show our support by being there. They will dig for the truth, dream, debate, hike, laugh, sweat and be challenged in so many different ways. Then they will share what they learn with the public through speeches, articles, pamphlets, movies, artistic expressions, lively debates and other modern means of communication. Together, participants will engage the world in the fight against poverty!

6 months intensive study in the Caribbean St Vincent,6 months Servise period in Brazil, Belize or Ecuador 6 months back in the Caribbean sharing information, presentations, media, campaiign, Jornal, tests and earn a Single B Certificate

for more information follow me.

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