You will need the following documents:

  • Spouse's birth certificate (Joomin deungrok deungbon - 주민등록등본)
  • Family tree certificate (Hojeok deungbon - 호적등본)
  • Reference certificate (Shinwon bojeungseo - 신원보증서) <signed and stamped by lawyer>
  • Spouse's job certificate (Jaejik jeungmyoung seo 재직증명서)
  • Marriage certificate (접수증)
  • Your and spouse's ID card
  • Your passport
  • 80,000 won worth of stamps (50,000 for change of visa, 30,000 for F2)

Some people have said that they were required to show proof that they have at least 30 million won in their bank accounts while others were not asked for this.

Also if you are on a Visiter or tourist visa and you do wish to get married as of March 7th 2011 the rules have changed stating you have to marry your Korean spouse in your home country. After the marriage is registered in your home country you then have to apply for the F2 at the Korean embassy in your country. As of March 7th 2011 they will not accept an application while in Korea if you are on a tourist visa so you will need to register in Korea the marriage first and then gain in your home country. So that would mean you will have to get your future Korean Spouse to bring all the needed documents to your home country Before you start the process.

  • U.S. citizens now also need an FBI criminal background check and medical statement when applying for an F-2 visa in the U.S. This info is not on the Korean visa website. I assume this is also true for other nationalities in their home countries.

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