Easy English Consulting is a recruiting agency located in Chungdam-dong, in the centre of Seoul. It has been in business since 2000.

HwaIl B/D 3F 40-3 Chungdam-Dong GangNam-Gu Seoul Korea Zip 135-100

easy english consulting Resistration No 214-90-33173

Tel 82-2-544-9805 Fax 82-2-544-9801

이지영어는 외국인강사의 파견과, TEZ(테마가 있는 영어Zone), 영어마을 조성사업, IVY League Tour, 기업체 출장교육, English Camp, A4어학원등 영어관련 사업을 펼치고 있습니다.


Evil, avoid.

Easy English Consulting will use you and abuse you to make a fast buck. They will sweet-talk you into a job which they know absolutely NOTHING about, purely and simply to pick up the finder's fee, and they will put you through torment if you don't cooperate.

This is a BAD recruiter!

Stay away. Stay well away.