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Notes from an anonymous poster using a server near Chngwon in Busan:

I was hired 2 years ago by this guy named Han. He owns this place as well as a travel agency that will send you your tickets. He hired my girlfriend and I and both of our jobs were at loser schools that were sinking fast. Hers lasted 6 weeks and they "sold" her to another hogwan...mine lasted 5 months and ended with me holding my director a foot off the ground, over his desk for ripping me off a months salary among other things. Through it all, this recruiter was either not answering his phone, but for the most part, his phone was disconnected due to non payment of the bill. (the korean telephone message states this...odd) This agency only deals with struggling schools that can't pay the big bucks for a decent recruiter. Steer clear of him unless you want a world of problems eg. (money problems, wild and bad kids, crap hours, crazy directors, midnight runs. etc)

  • The poster of the above comment has not provided any objective information about the company, including address or phone number.
  • What is the name of the travel agency?
  • What is the criteria of a 'loser school', what were the working hours, and what was the salary?
  • What is the proof that the recruiter only deals with struggling schools?

Etik is one of the worst recruiters in Korea. I had bad dealings with Han and he is the epitome of a crooked recruiter. He had me sign a contract for 2.3 million but the contract he sent the school was only 1.7 million. Didn't know who was responsible for the lie but after trying to contact that little weasel to find out what was going on, it was pretty evident that he pulled a fast one on me and the school. His secretary must have taken 20+ messages + numerous e-mails from me but not a single reply. She kept telling me he was out of the office but will return my call when he gets back. Later I found out from the school he had the school pay the recruiting fee upfront as he had a teacher signed for a low salary. He took the recruiting fee and ran. left me and the school in a bind.

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