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There are two kinds of clubs in Korea. The first kind is basically the same as American clubs and is appropriately called a 클럽. You walk in, maybe pay a cover charge of 10000 won; people are dancing and drinking there. There might be a few tables. The second kind, called a booking club or a 나이트, is a little different. In this kind, you have to get a seat at a table and buy some kind of overpriced beer/side dish combo. If you want, the club employees will grab girls and make them sit with you. Don't worry, the girls aren't prostitutes, as you'll soon find out when they make an excuse to leave after 2 minutes. The premise behind these clubs is a little shady to begin with, and if you can't speak Korean, its almost certainly an exercise in futility. This kind of club often employs young dudes called bikis 삐끼 (spelling?) to stand in front of the club and cajole hot girls into going in.

It's quite simple. Ellui, recently opened in 2011, is currently considered the best club in Seoul. When in doubt, any club in the Shinsa-dong and Cheongdam-dong are the best places to find the hottest clubs in Seoul. First-timers might have fun at Club Naked in Hongdae , Monkey Beach in Apgu-jeong or an Itaewon club to meet some fellow foreigners and have a blast.

Take a glimpse of what Korean clubs and night clubs may have to offer:

Also, there is a usuful iphone app that you can download the off-line maps of these club areas. You can also check the information of cover charge, open hours, phone number, music style, and location/address of all the famous clubs all over Korea.
On the Appstore this app is searched by the keyword, 'club maps'.

Clubs by AreaEdit

If you are interested in some bar hopping action around these areas, you can view our scheduled events on:

Hongdae Edit

  • M2

House club. touted as a superclub (stretching that word rather far I would say) The most consistently popular House club at the moment. Is often very crowded. You'll know you're in there when you see the crazy green laser.

  • Club Catchlight

its a hip hop club. pretty big and spacious. has two levels. ran by korean americans and the club hardly ever gets crowded unless theres some kind of event. pretty cool. but musi is very reptitive.

  • QvO

Has a decent layout, plays OK hip-hop, there's always a few foreigners in here. The clientel seems quite young, however.

  • NB2

A big hip hop club. It's touted as one of the best hip-hop clubs in Seoul. Although the club tends to usher in people at numbers dangerously close to capacity, the good track list has the party going strong til the early morning hours. The track lists are updated to the minute with the latest popular hip-hop tracks as well as the unforgettable classics. Rumored to be owned by Korea's YG Family, it is often graced by well known celebrities and boy/girl band groups.

Girls need to be wary of men in this club, however. Groping, forceful grabbing, and even theft are common here due to the thick crowd.

  • DD

A little hip hop club. Good place to go if you like hip hop but NB is too crazy for you. 


The newest club in Hongdae- is a gaining a reputation for having the best new DJ's play. Amazing sound system and atmosphere.

Itaewon Edit

  • Helios

This is the busiest dance club on the weekend in Itaewon, Thursday is Ladies night (Ladies drink for free, certain drinks only). Usually crowded after midnight. Has a pretty regular following of foreigners (caucasians and african americans), and also packed with Koreans eager to hit on those foreigners. Current cover charge is W10,000.

  • Wit's End Itaewon

It's located right around the corner from the Rose and Crown pub, across from Radio Garden. Cozy and quiet bar if you want to have a few drinks without the drama of Itaewon. A great selection of bottled beer, wine, and scotch. Perfect place to take a date. Check it out!

  • UN Club

Hip Hop club usually packed on the weekend with GIs, so it clears out around 2:30-3am. Mostly black people.

  • Kings Club

Another hip hop club with actual black people in it. If you been practicing those step songs, here's your chance to cha-cha real smooth.

  • Spy Club

Often full of second-rate models from South America and Brazil. But wait! That includes male models too. Yeah, sorry buddy, that white face isn't going to help you here. The young guy behind the bar is really cool and he'll do some good breakdancing if you ask him too and you are interested in seeing a grown man dance.

  • Polly's Kettle

They serves this abhorrent blend of soju and fruit punch. Drink a bunch of it, dance, and puke into your hat on the cab ride home.

Gangnam Edit

  • Club mASS

Club mASS is Seoul's Premier Electronic Music Club featuring world renowned DJ's such as James Lavelle, DJ Sneak, DJ Disciple, and Kenny Dope. Open from 9pm to 6am MaSS caters for even the most ardent clubber. With the best sound system in Korea, and a venue set in the party district of Seoul, MaSS is the place to be seen!

Club mASS Website

  • Club Eden

Club Eden is Seoul's Latest Premier Electronic Music Club featuring world renowned DJ's on a regular basis. Open from 10pm to 6am Eden has a state of the art sound and lighting system and is set in the party district of Seoul.

Club Eden Website

  • Club Garden

House club in Apgujong. Is becoming the best place for big name DJs

  • NB

Like the one in Hongdae, it's real crowded. But the layout is better. The music is the same.

  • Harlem

The sister club of NB and right next door, you can get into both clubs with the same wristband (current cover charge W20,000). Harlem is less crowded than NB and usually has more foreigners. However, the not packed dance floor can make some feel awkward dancing.


Newly opened in August, 2011 and it is not that crowded yet. Layout is great and it plays electronic/trance music. Is becoming the best place for big DJ's. You get one drink with cover charge of W10,000. Drinks are pretty good.

Club STEPS Website

  • 4X

This club is small as hell. And they charge foreigners but not Koreans, I think. But the vibe is good and the music is ok.

Also, there is a usuful iphone app that you can download the off-line maps of these club areas. You can also check the information of cover charge, open hours, phone number, music style, and location/address of all the famous clubs all over Korea.

You can download the app on

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