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General locationEdit

Cinecity Apgujeong is located close to the Galleria department store in Apgujeong in between Gangnamgu Station on line 7 and Apgujeong Station on line 3.

How to get thereEdit

Get off at Gangnamgu station and go out exit 4. You will be in front of a Motorola building with a long road going down the hill. Go straight downhill and you will see a big black building on the left, which is the movie theatre. You will have to cross the big intersection at the bottom twice. It's also possible to go out the exit on the other side to avoid crossing the intersection once but for first-time goers exit 4 is preferable as the buiding is easier to see from the right side.

General impression, screen size, number of people, etc.Edit

Nice. Some theatres have two levels. A fair number of people but not too bad for buying tickets. Nice circular windows in the washroom let you see all over the city.


8000 won.

Closing creditsEdit

The last one or two minutes of the closing credits usually get cut off, so you won't be able to see them right to the end. Suddenly the film cuts out and it's time to go.

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