There's a lot of tak galbi restaurants in downtown Chuncheon, on Myeondong Takgalbi street and other places. It's hard to find anything else to eat in that part of town. The JoongAng Market does have some small shiktangs with a variety of food. There's a Pizza Hut, Baskin-Robbins, etc. in the downtown area. And some street vendors with walnut cookies, fish-shaped cookies and such.... There's a food court in the short leg of the underground mall.

A restaurant on the east side of Chuncheon is Hajukol. This place serves only one item, hanjeongshik for 15,000 won. It is quite elaborate. The dishes are presented in an artistic manner. They started out with a small square bowl of rice porridge. Then the rest of it: my favourite was prawns on a bed of (?)clover sprouts with a citrusy green sauce. Also thin-sliced small beefsteaks, raw fish in kochujang sauce, pork mini-bossan, crabs (not the real small ones) in red sauce; raw shellfish kimchi; a bowl of kyerantang; twenjang cchigae, crispy fried seaweed; mushroom and deodeok kebabs; sliced mushrooms; squid pancakes (jeon); spinach pancakes; nurungji soup; fried tilefish; vegs. in kochujang sauce; fishguts in kochujang, seaweed, various kimchi varieties. Phone: (033) 256-7963 or 243-7963

The area just east of the intercity bus station in the south side of Chuncheon has a lot of restaurants. Some are takgalbi, but there's a big variety of others. Here's a few:

Chin Mi (you better read Hanja to find this, there's no Hangeul or Roman lettering that says the name of this place. Phone number 257-1341. They serve an excellent bori-bap for 4,000 won. All the ingredients are good quality and there's a reasonable variety and good size portions. The tasty twenjang cchigae included is of the thick variety.

Sonsu Haemul 242-7330. Open 10:30-3, and 5-9. Their bibimbap is 5000 won and, though its ingredients are pretty basic, all are high-quality. If you run out of something they'll be watching and give you seconds and thirds. The large quantity of twenjang cchigae included is of the more liquid variety and is kept warm in a wok on a burner in the middle of the table.

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--Skookum 14:08, 7 Oct 2005 (UTC)

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