Children's Grand Park
CGP Sign
City: Seoul
District: Gwangjin-gu
Admission: Free
Day Pass: 20-30,000 Won
Limited Pass: 5-15,000 Won

Children's Grand Park is a popular attraction in Seoul for native Koreans, but not very well known to tourists. Not to be confused with Seoul Grand Park, Children's Grand Park offers many activities from a small zoo to a small amusement park. There are also many walking paths, areas to picnic, a few small ponds, and an area with traditional and modern outdoor sculptures.


Children's Grand Park is free to enter and see the sights. However, in order to ride the amusement park rides, you must pay for a pass. The passes are broken into different types which allow access to certain size rides. The bigger the rides, the more you must pay. You can also buy day passes or limited use passes.

Directions Edit

Children's Grand Park is accessible by bus and subway.


To reach Children's Grand Park, take line 7 to the Children's Grand Park station.


The following bus lines will travel to Children's Grand Park:

Trunk Buses (Blue)

  • 240
  • 302
  • 721

Branch Buses (Green)

  • 2222
  • 3216
  • 3217
  • 3220

Rapid Buses (Red)

  • 8133


CGP Sculptures


CGP Gate

Gate to CGP


CGP Amusement Park

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