Bogil-do is an island that lies off the Southwestern tip of South Korea. It can be reached by taking a boat from 땅끝 (Ddang Kkeut - Land's End) From Seoul, you must take a train or bus to the city of Gwangju (3-4 hours) and then take a bus from Gwangju bus terminal to Dddang Kkeut (2 hours 30 mins). From Dddang Kkeut you can take a boat to Bogil-do. (1 hour and 7000 won each way) Bogil-do is very small, but you can find a plethora of 민박(min bak - rent a room at a house)for as little as 40,000 won a night, or a standard 모텔 (Motel). As well as boasting some decent sea food restaurants it is possible to buy meat based dishes next to the beach. At night tents next to the beach serve alcohol, and food. Although small, the island has many remote spots that you can pick out if you want to escape from the other tourists. The best time to visit is during May, June, or late August-September.

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