Baekryeongdo (pronounced peng-nyong-do) is the island in the West Sea / Yellow Sea, the furthest north part of South Korea on the west side. Baekryeongdo was originally part of Hwanghaedo in North Korea and as such has an exceptionally large number of separated families (이산가족). Ferries can be taken to Baekryeongdo from Incheon, and take approximately four and a half hours. Being approximately 12 km across, Baekryeongdo is a lot bigger than it appears on a map, and one can drive around it for a number of hours. There are a lot of places to visit such as 두무진, 진촌, 심청각, and so on. 심청각 (sp?) is the area on the northern part of the island where North Korea can be seen on a clear day, as it is only some 12 km away.

A recommended time to see the whole island would be approximately three days. The weather is not always nice enough to see North Korea, and there is enough to keep a person busy for more than just one day.

The population of Baekryeongdo is approximately 6000.

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