This is a page for posting articles which have been translated (or you would like to be translated) from Korean to English. This is a collaborative project, and as you know, it's a Wiki, so anybody can help with the translations. But if you change a translation significantly, or you have some issue with a translation, please post something in the discussion part of the page (just click the 'discussion' tab beside the 'edit' tab).

If you're just a reader, please remember that these articles are open to translators of all levels and these translations may be works in progress or even grossly inaccurate.

A country called America - Part 1 미국이란 나라..첫번째 이야기


A country called America - Part 2 미국이란 나라..두번째 이야기


Foreign men and Korean women 외국남 한국녀 커플 유형별 정리

from a Daum cafe

English Teachers = Bad (original was untitled)

from a Daum cafe

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