Anyang (안양, 安養) is a large city located somewhat to the southwest of Seoul. Being on the same subway line and part of the same metropolitan district (수도권), it's difficult to tell where Seoul ends and Anyang begins.


Getting thereEdit

Most stations in Anyang are located on lines 1 or 4 of the Seoul subway.

By airEdit

By railEdit

Trains headed to or from Seoul will often stop in Suwon, located on line 1 of the Seoul subway and thus only a short distance from Anyang. Alternatively, a quick transfer at Geumjeong station will put you on line 4.

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Municipal transitEdit




Department Stores e martEdit

Grocery StoresEdit

Lotte Mart and E-Mart (between Indeogwan and Anyang Stations) all have outlets in Anyang. Of course, you can always go haggle with the ajummas on the street corners for your produce.

Convenience StoresEdit

Electronics StoresEdit

Convenience StoresEdit

Home and Garden StoresEdit

Book StoresEdit

General StoresEdit

Dining and EntertainmentEdit

Anyang has one Starbucks location, and a district called il-bon ga (1番街 or street number one) where most of the bars and other shops are located.

Snack-style barsEdit

Pub-style barsEdit

Fast Food and NoodlesEdit


Auto ServiceEdit

Hair StylingEdit

Tailoring and Dry CleaningEdit

Veterinary ServicesEdit

Travel AgenciesEdit


Electrical ServiceEdit


Internet CoverageEdit

Mobile Phone CoverageEdit

Natural Gas ServiceEdit

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Liquid Propane ServiceEdit


Waste Separation RulesEdit

Waste Pickup ScheduleEdit

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