Getting thereEdit

By airEdit

Fastest way is usually to fly to Seoul/Incheon Airport and take a bus to Andong. Or fly to Daegu and take a bus.

By railEdit

4hrs from Cheongnyangni - regular. Train from Kyeongju.

By busEdit

3 hours from Dong Seoul(Gangbyeon) Every 30mins or so 15100won Also buses from Yeongju and points north, from Daegu and points south, from Pohang via Yeongdeok, and from Sangju/Jeomchon/Yecheon. In other words, you can get there by bus.....

Access to Juwangsan National Park via Cheongsong by bus from Andong.

By carEdit

Municipal transitEdit



There's a local bus system, going to Hahoe and other tourist spots.

Tourist facilitiesEdit

Lots of yeogwans, hotels and yeoinsuks around the bus and train stations. There's a tourist information office just outside the train station.


Department StoresEdit

Grocery StoresEdit

Convenience StoresEdit

Electronics StoresEdit

Home and Garden StoresEdit

Book StoresEdit

All Korean, TOEIC based although Time and Newsweek availabe. No English daily paper.

General StoresEdit

E-mart in Okdong. Home Mart Okdong and by the Hospital. Rest are standard mom and pop stores or small franchises.

Dining and EntertainmentEdit

Andong's Korean RestaurantsEdit

There's a number of kalbi places just north and slightly east of the train Station. Also near there is the Daedong Buffet, 858-0017 or 859-0017. This is one block north of the train station. Further north yet and a couple blocks west is Porridge and Pho, 853-6776. It's across the street from the Andong Wiryuwon and near Taesomyo.

Snack-style barsEdit

Gugongyi Kitchen & Bar (구공이)

Serving drinks and light snacks

Various bottle sets available starting from 58,000 KRW

English spoken; international guests very welcome!

Phone: 07082009022

Hours: 4pm to 4am every day

Address: 경상북도 안동시 송천동 902-2 (Near Andong University)


Pub-style barsEdit

Spokan close to downtown. Best cocktails. Wa Bar downtown. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Fast Food and NoodlesEdit


Auto ServiceEdit

Hair StylingEdit

Tailoring and Dry CleaningEdit

Veterinary ServicesEdit

Travel AgenciesEdit


Electrical ServiceEdit


Internet CoverageEdit

Mobile Phone CoverageEdit

Natural Gas ServiceEdit

Fuel Oil ServiceEdit

Liquid Propane ServiceEdit


Waste Separation RulesEdit

Waste Pickup ScheduleEdit

Local AttractionsEdit

Specialty Products and FestivalsEdit

Andong Soju yummmmm 45% dangerous. Andong Mask Dance Festival- end of September every year. Amazing only time the city feels important.





Outdoor ActivitiesEdit


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